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I remember the thrill of buying a new album when I was a kid. I couldn’t wait to retreat from the store, tear back the cellophane and slide out the liner notes. What insights awaited me? Who made a guest appearance on the new record? Did they let the drummer write a song this time? Did they thank a local sandwich shop in their acknowledgements? Or did they just use the whole thing as a forum for a bunch of loosely constructed political essays? (Moby, I’m looking in your direction).

You never knew. In the era before the interwebs were all-consuming, the liner notes were a special line of communication between artist and audience. And in the era before that, they were a hilariously antiquated way for record companies to try explaining music they didn’t fully understand.

And of course, as the art of album making has waxed (60s-90s) and waned (now), liner notes have been subject to as many creative variations as has the medium itself.

But the core value of conveying information to accompany your music is what informs our site. Read about the artists you love, learn more about the artists you thought you knew and find music that you never knew existed.

We are without prejudice when it comes to genre, era or commercial appeal…although if you’re looking for American Idol updates, this probably isn’t the blog for you. We like hits. We like nuggets. We like oddball stuff that might even cause you to judge us.

We welcome your judgment. We know exactly how these things go. We’ll say one thing. You’ll say another. Somebody will get super angry and blame Obama for the whole thing and somebody will try to sell us all Cialis. It’s the internet cycle of life. So let’s get into it. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

Be warned though, things could get a little weird. If they don’t, you aren’t digging deep enough.

-Dave Tomar

DaveTomarHiResColorDave Tomar is an author, music critic and regular contributor to The Huffington Post. The 2012 memoir, The Shadow Scholar: How I Made a Living Helping College Kids Cheat (Bloomsbury USA), details Tomar’s decade as an academic ghostwriter and highlights the critical need for reform in higher education. Tomar has appeared on ABC World News, Nightline, The Today Show and Fox Business to discuss his book. Dave Tomar is also the editor and lead writer for music blog The Liner Note.


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