Top Ten Bands With Their Own TV Shows

imagesLet’s face it, the convergence of television and rock music has not always resulted in the finest output for either medium.  In fact, attempts at this kind of synergy have, more often than not, produced temporary sensations that ultimately become well-worn punchlines.  Donnie and Marie Osmond…if your ears are burning, it’s because I’m talking about you.

Whatever the quality of music and or TV, many a hit has been built on Neilsen ratings.  This was true for Paul Revere & the Raiders, the deeply underrated American garage rock antecedent to the British Invasion.  Resplendent with colonial garb, they were the unlikely house band for mid-60s music variety show, Where the Action Is before going on to greater mid-level fame.

This weekend, 76 year old ‘rock ‘n roll madman’ Paul Revere passed away.  We dedicate this Top Ten to his memory.

Also, two not-unrelated warnings:  Some of these ‘top ten’ finishers are actually quite terrible or (in the case of the Banana Splits, terrifying) but we couldn’t resist a good laugh; and look out for a young David Letterman in the obviously short-lived Starland Vocal Band series.

10.  Starland Vocal Band

9.  Sha Na Na

8.  The Archies

7.  The Partridge Family

6.  Banana Splits

5.  Flight of the Conchords

4.  Paul Revere & the Raiders

3.  The Beatles

2.  The Jackson 5

1.  The Monkees


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