Top Ten One Hit Wonders of 1969

the-electric-indian-keemosabe-united-artists-21969 was an era-defining year in music and history.  From Woodstock to the moon landing, so much of what happened in 1969 is the stuff of myth, legend, hyperbole and drug–induced uncertainty.  The year produced too many truly definitive artistic statements to name in a single breath.  So instead, we’re featuring the forgotten artists and songs, those that emerged in 1969 and, just as quickly, retreated back into the lysergic tide pool from whence the came.

These are the Top Ten One Hit Wonders of 1969:

10.  The Flying Machine – Smile a Little Smile For Me

9.  Eddie Bo – Hook & Sling

8.  Electric Indian – Keem-O-Sabe

7.  Zager & Evans – In the Year 2525

6.  Steam – Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

5.  Ola & the Janglers – Let’s Dance

4.  Crazy Elephant – Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’

3.  Derek – Cinnamon

2.  Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Do Your Thing

1.  The Bubble Puppy – Hot Smoke & Sassafras




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