Top Ten Bucket Songs

BT-DENIf you’ve spent even a minute on social media over the last few weeks, you know how ‘in’ buckets are right now.  We at the Liner Note are not in the least bit above exploiting this trend for a Top Ten List.  As the #icebucketchallenge makes the rounds, we offer up our Top Ten Bucket-Themed Songs.  Spoiler alert, this list does include a song called Buckethead.  However, here is nothing by the artist known as Buckethead here.  If you think there should be, it sounds like a personal problem.  Good luck with that.


10.  Cookin’ On 3 Burners – Keb’s Bucket

9.  Drive-By Truckers – Mercy Buckets

8.  Louis Armstrong – Gut Bucket Blues

7.  The Who – Bucket T

6.  Hank Williams – My Buckets Got a Hole In It

5.  Flatt & Scruggs – You’re Not a Drop in the Bucket

4.  Meat Puppets – Buckethead

3.  Grateful Dead – Hell in a Bucket

2.  Bob Dylan – Buckets of Rain

1.   Harry Belafonte and Odetta – Hole in the Bucket


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