Top 10 Robin Williams Movies in Song

29570Well this sucks.

Robin Williams always felt like a friend we never met.  Even though his struggles with addiction and depression were well-known, it’s impossible to conceive that his great story would end like this.  He leaves a powerful legacy completely apart from his incredible body of work.  Robin Williams was loved and admired by everybody who knew him and by most who didn’t.  That is a distinguishing accomplishment.

With great sadness, we submit today’s Top 10.  We also concede that the “Mrs. Doubtfire” song is pretty subpar.  Good luck finding a better one.

Rest in Peace, Robin.

10. The Electric Grandmother – Mrs. Doubtfire

9.  Lucky is the Lion – The Fisher King

8.  MG Grimm – Good Morning Vietnam

7.  Lonnie Brooks – The Popeye

6.  Pete Doherty – Bird Cage

5.  Glass Towers – Jumanji

4.  Dropkick Murphys – Rude Awakenings

3.  The Poets – Dead

2.  Blues Traveler – Hook

1.  David Bowie – Aladdin Sane


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