From User to Dealer: A Vinyl Junkie Goes Pro… Sort of

Check out my newest piece at Huffington Post.  A lighthearted take on my first year as the owner of a tiny little South Philly record store.

Here’s a sneak peak.

Apparently vinyl is cool now. I never saw that coming.

I’ve been a collector (read: incurable addict) my whole life. I was always pretty comfortable with the nerdly implications of my obsession. Even if music is inherently cool, I spent a lot of time at record shows, and I can tell you that the proportion of middle-aged virgins living in mom’s basement and wearing Rush t-shirts many sizes too small outnumbers all other demographics three to one.

So I wasn’t really prepared — nor do I think were a lot of other long time collectors — for the sudden popularity that the vinyl revival has thrust upon our little A/V club.

It’s like the football team just crashed our Star Trek convention.

Read the rest at Huffington Post!


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