Top Ten Bridge and Tunnel Songs

chris-christieToday’s Top Ten is a tribute to New Jersey’s honorable governor Chris Christie, who is now under investigation for a second major scandal involving abuse of the state’s transportation administration.

Bad traffic is nobody’s fault. It just happens, right? Well, it’s not so simple in the State of New Jersey. Sometimes bad traffic is the consequence of petty political squabbling and tyrannically misuse of state resources. Either way, you’re spending two hours stuck behind a minivan with those goddamn stick-figure decals that tell you exactly how many people are in said minivan, what their hobbies are, and roughly what size they are in proportion to one another.

Well, I know you’re thinking about bumping them with your front fender just to vent some frustration. But maybe just enjoy this Top Ten instead.

Thanks a padload Chris Christie.

10. Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

9. Eddie Palmieri – Harlem River Drive

8. Dillinger – Babylon Bridge

7. Merry Clayton – Bridge Over Troubled Water

6. Johnny Flynn – Tunnels

5. Dire Straits – Tunnel of Love

4. Soul Survivors – Expressway To Your Heart

3. Boogie Down Productions – Bridge Is Over

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge

1. Jimi Hendrix – Crosstown Traffic


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